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What some of Blake's client's say: 


"We will recommend the services of Blake Shaffer to anyone who wants to buy or sell a home.  In only a few weeks, our family's financial and residential goals were met and our investment settled in a most positive way. 

By this, I mean that Blake was able to secusre the best possible selling price for your home, and negotiate a low buying figure for our purchase.  Our equity situation has improved and we have Blake to thank for this. 

We relocated in a better neighbourhood into a smaller house; and be in a better equity posision.  Our lot size has increased as well.  All this and there is still a lump sum of equity to put down against the cottage which  we bought last summer. 

I would heartily recommend Blake Shaffer's expertise to anyone thinking of buying or selling.  He is a pleaure to work with and his attention to detail takes the worry out of the entire transaction."

 Jane and Myron Last                                                                               


"We would like to thank you for making the selling of the house so easy for us.  It's nice to be able to sit back and let someone else look after all the legal matters that have to be done."  Joe & Ida Widmann                                                       


"You made it a very satisfactory experience for us.  We got expert advice from a friend (not just a sales rep.) and our house sold in a week.  We look forward to having you handle the sale of my mothers' condominium."       

Best regards,   Mel & Ann Mathers


"Our house was up for sale with another agent, we didn’t get an offer.  Then with Blake's professional sales manner we had an offer in no time.  He represented your company in a truly unique and professional way."                                                      

Thank you again, Timarion and Tim Lariavee


"Hi Blake, My family and I just wanted to say thank you so much for your work, for the help  understanding and service you provided. We definitely appreciate your time, consideration and kindness given to us. I couldn't have asked for better. 

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity," Joe Kumar


"The most important thing to us was the smooth and quickness of looking at homes.  We were able to look at the most suitable selections, we bought the third home we saw.  I was quite pleased with the process and the way things turned out.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking to buy or sell a house." John & Chyrese Sedore.      


"We feel you played a major part in helping us secure the purchase of this house.  We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone seeking the services of a real estate professional.  Again thanks for all your efforts on our behalf "                  

Yours sincerely, Anne & Malcolm Byard


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"In response to your letter we have nothing but praise for your efforts and for the way things went with our purchase of the home we now own in Mississauga.  We have been here for six months and we like it so much we often discuss how lucky we were to obtain this home and how glad we are we didn't get any of the others we looked at.  There are so many positive aspects not only to the property itself bu also to this neighbourhood.  It is quiet, there are beautiful trees and we are located half a block from a conservation area and half a block from a park.  

We were happy with your efforts at scouting properties for us to look at and we feel you played a major part in helping us secure the purchase of this house.  We would not hesitate to recommend youto anyone seeking the services of a real estate professional.  We haven't met anyone who was looking yet. 

Anne & Malcolm Byard



Hello, Blake...

Thank you for the professional handling of the listing and sale of the house which my father and mother-in-law had lived in for over forty years. 

My father-in-law always spoke highly of you over the eighteen years that you kept in touch regarding the potential of placing his house on the market.

After the passing on of my wife's father, I felt compelled to employ a professional with your dedication and perseverance and it certainly proved to be the right decision.

Ninety six hours after listing the property you presented us with a solid offer which resulted in the sale with a very quick closing which was exactly what the 'family' was hoping for. 

My wife and I also appreciated your assistance regarding the arrangement we made with "youbidlocal.com"...a company that auctioned off the complete contents of the house in a very effective manner.

We also employed one of the "handyman" services that you recommended which again resulted in a positive experience both in workmanship and the reasonable costs involved.

Your knowledge and sincerity along with a great sense of humor allowed us to thoroughly enjoy the 'business' experience of liquidating the property.

Again...Thank You! 

Peter and Barbara Burtoft



Dear Blake,

            It was nice to hear from you and I hope you had a good summer.  As you know we had a few things done at our new place so it was quite a hectic summer for us.  I must say the house is finally taking shape and I hope as we get things done a little at a time we finally achieve our objectives.

            As I look back and I did ask Sewnauth opinion, I can't really think of anything that stands out in a negative way in our transaction.  I appreciated the time you took to get the details of the government renovation tax credit program and the list of things that quailifed for it.  I do thank you for the help with the endless house hunting and  I would have no hesitation to recommend you to anyone for real estate knowledge and help.  Do give us a look up anytime you are in the area. 

Thank you,   Mr. & Mrs. Raghunandan & family



To whom it may concern,

As my husband and I arrived in Toronto we promptly contacted Royal LePage in respect to buying a new home in the Mississauga area. 

Mr. Shaffer helped us find a home and even better home than we would have found on our own.  As we were new to the city Mr. Shaffer led us to what we discovered months later was a truly great location.  We were very satisfied with his friendly and efficient service.

A few months ago as the time arrived for our move to London Ontario we called Mr. Shaffer without any hesitation.  As you well know competition abounds and we have been contacted by many reputable firms over the last few months, however we had no queries whatsoever as to the quality of service we would receive with Royal and Mr. Shaffer.

Let me conclude with our sincere gratitude to Blake, he is indeed an asset to your organization.

Yours truly,  Mrs. Cynthia Reimers.


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Dear Blake Shaffer,

My wife and I want to express our appreciation for the service we received from your company in the sale of our family home. 

We are writing this letter to let your company know how we felt about Blake Shaffer's service.  Our house at Adena Crt. In Mississauga, had been on the market with another company for 90 days.  We onnly had a few showings and a condtional offer on the house that was not good enough. 

After the listing expired we were inundated with agents calling and knocking on our door.  Blake had been in touch with us for quite some time, and he called us as well to find out what our plans were.  With his professional sales manner, we decided to list with him.  We thought that it was a wise decision,  and with Blake working on the house we had an offer in no time.  Not only did he manage to get us one offer, but while we were negotiating that one Blake arranged to get another offer from another agent thereby creating a competitive situation.  Our house sold for thousands more than what we were hoping to get for it. 

Blake is a great sales person but not pushy or arrogant.  We have met lots of salespeople, but Blake was professional in every way.  Without his expertise as a real estate agent we feel that it would have taken a lot longer to sell our house.  If we decide to buy or sell again, Blake will be the one that we call.

Andrew & Rena Elek



Dear Blake,

            Just a few lines to tell you how pleased we were with the sale of our property, your professional manner and your personal touch really impressed us.  The advise you gave us was truly appreciated and we will not hesitate to recomend you to family and friends.  Much success in the future.

Kindest regards, 

Lolitia & Allan Gardiner



Thank you for the calendar and Christmas card. Walter passed away this past October 4th 2014 and there is no need in future to send any more gifts. You did a nice job selling his home and finding an apartment for him which he did enjoy for a while. Regards,  Andrew Orr



Dear Blake, we just wanted to write you to tell you how happy we were with your service.  The retirement residence that we decided to move to had referred you to look after our real estate needs.  On first meeting you we felt that you had the expert experience and knowledge to ensure that our sale would go smoothly.  We were proven right. You continually kept us informed as to what was happening at each stage of the sale, you were a tough negotiator and managed to get us even more then what we expected. We will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone that needs great real estate services.  Sincerely,

Joan Martin


We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your professional guidance in the sale and purchase of our homes.  Your experience and skill as a Realtor enabled the transactions to be completed in a timely manner.  We will be honoured to recommend your expert services to anyone who may be buying or selling Real Estate…

Lloyd and Lyn


We signed a listing agreement with Blake, and he expertly and sensitively shepherded us through the trauma of preparing and offering our home for sale.  Blake was always at hand to encourage and re-assure us, and our home was sold in 19 days…….

John Orrom


You made it a very satisfactory experience. We got what we feel was expert advice from a friend (not just a sales rep.) and our property sold in a week. We look forward to having you handle the sale of my mothers' condominium in the near future, Best regards…

Mel & Ann

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